Women’s Styling & Concierge Service

  • What do you think of the styles below?

  • What do you think of the styles below?

  • What do you think of the styles below?

  • What do you think of the styles below?

  • What do you think of the styles below?

  • What best represents your body shape?

  • How do you prefer your clothes to fit you?

    Top Half?
    Form Fitting Loose Both

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    Form Fitting Loose Both

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  • What style of jeans do you prefer?




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    Mix of Both

  • Are there any fabrics that you would like to avoid?

    Faux Fur





    No, I'm okay with all of them

  • What is your jewellery style?

    Mostly Classic

    Mostly Statement

    Mix of Both

  • What is your preferred tone of jewellery?

    Mostly silver

    Mostly Gold

    Mix of Both

  • Are your ears pierced?



  • Are there any Accessories that you would like to avoid?






    No, I'm okay with all of them

  • Do you wear high heels?



  • Now that we have your preferences tell us what you are shopping for.

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    Business Smart

    Night Out

    Lazy Day

    Errand Day


    Work It

    Daytime Pleasure

    Weekend Getaway

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Styleartist Concierge



Our personal styling concierge service is designed for busy women 35+. Our concierge services allow women to physically try on the items and make decisions before they make a purchase.

Our Personal Styling Options

Personal Stylist/Shopper

When you make an appointment with our concierge service, one of our personal stylists will come to your house or meet with you at our location and show you a variety of hand-picked outfits for you to try on. These ideas will be chosen based on your personal preferences and style choices that you provided beforehand. As you try on these outfits, you can decide what works well for you, and what doesn’t. Here are some of the benefits of working with our personal stylist:

    • •  You will access a variety of stylish yet age-appropriate quality items that you can wear as is or mix and match.
    • •  Your seasonal wardrobe will be taken care of, and you will receive great ideas and fashion tips from our experts.
    • •  You can feel attractive and true to yourself in clothing that suits your personality, age, and style.
    • •  No more frustrations of waiting in long shopping lines at the mall.

Full Wardrobe Options

As you can see from our selection of apparel, footwear, accessories, and jewellery, we have a full wardrobe of options. Our inventory is full of only the best quality items, from designers like Bailey44, Vince, Zadig & Voltaire, bella dahl, Rebecca Minkoff, IRO, and more. With our service, you can look your best for every occasion, whether it be the first day at your new job, a family vacation, or a trip to the grocery store!

How Does It Work?

We Come to You

STYLEARTIST will bring entire outfits to your home to make your shopping experience a full luxury experience. It’s simple. Just email us at info@styleartist.com with an idea of what you are looking for and we will put together outfit ideas and bring them right to your home at a convenient time for you. No obligations, either; you will only purchase what you like!

You Come to Us

Schedule your own private shopping time and shop our whole assortment in person! Simply email us at info@styleartist.com to make an appointment. Plus, receive 20% off everything when you shop at our location (47B Main street, Toronto, just North of Main and Kingston road in the Beaches).

We do all the work, you handle the looking fabulous part!

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